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  • Filter Analysis


    We offer a variety of Parker Fluid Analysis products and services. Fluid analysis is a critical preventative maintenance tool, giving asset owners the ability to identify potential problems before they cause damage and/or costly repair. This makes fluid analysis an integral part of a comprehensive asset management system as it can help prevent major failures in hydraulic or lube oil systems.

    Water contamination is one of the most common causes of internal damage in fluid systems. Water that’s been absorbed into the hydraulic oil, referred to as ‘dissolved water’, causes fluid breakdown thus reducing the lubricating properties of the hydraulic oil and introduces additive precipitation and oil oxidation. Left untreated the system gradually degrades in performance and is prone to failure, however once the hydraulic oil is fully saturated, any additional ‘free water’ creates cloudy oil and puddles of water at the bottom of an oil reservoir which often leads to internal corrosion over time and the introduction of abrasive materials that damage hydraulic components, internal seals, and mechanisms.

    Parker’s fluid analysis systems provide contamination monitoring and intervention through particle counters, moisture sensors, reservoir accessories, gauges and sensors that provide flow, pressure and temperature readings. We offer these fluid analysis products:

    • icountACM20 Lab Unit
    • System 20 Sensors and Monitors
    • icountPD
    • icountPDZ
    • Moisture Sensor Range
    • Fluid Level Gauges
    • Fluid Temperature Gauges
    • Diffusers
    • Strainer
    • Breathers
    • Par-Gel™ Water Removal Elements
    • Par-Fit™ Competitive Interchanges
    • Static Control Filter Elements

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  • High Pressure Filter


    We offer filtering solutions that meet the demands of modern hydraulic systems. Hydraulic components are being built with increasingly tighter tolerances, while this delivers higher performance it also increases their sensitivity. Parker’s high-pressure filters are the answer to stopping contamination before it scores a cylinder or jams a valve; they are a key ingredient in protecting hydraulic fluid systems on our customer’s assets. Constructed of high-grade materials with visual and electrical style indicators our these filters are suitable for a variety of applications such as mining equipment, hydraulic fan drives, cement trucks, aircraft ground support equipment, asphalt pavers, power steering circuits, servo control protection, sawmills, logging equipment and waste trucks. We offer these high-pressure filtering solutions;

    • 15P/30P Series
    • 50P/50PR Series
    • 100P Series
    • WPF Series
    • 12S Series

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  • Low Pressure Filter


    We offer low-pressure filtering solutions with long-term dependability. Designed for low-pressure applications that require inexpensive, return line protection. These filters have a rugged design and offer high flows at a low cost, making them suitable for a variety of low-pressure applications such as tank top filters, off-line filter loops, and mobile equipment. Parker’s Moduflow™ Plus filter is considered by many industry professionals to be the most versatile filter available on the market, in addition to Moduflow™ Plus we offer the following low-pressure filters:

    • 12AT/50AT Series
    • PT Series
    • KLT/KLS Series
    • 12CS/50CS Series
    • RF7 Series
    • BGT Series

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  • Medium Pressure Filter


    We offer medium pressure hydraulic filters, an excellent choice for protecting your fluid power system. Whether you require simplex, duplex or quadplex assemblies Parker’s filters are the solution to protecting your asset from contamination in medium pressure applications. Constructed of high-grade materials with visual and electrical style indicators these filters are a perfect fit for lube oil systems, power generation plants, test stands, material handlers and aerial lives, in pulp & paper processing equipment, mobile agriculture, and construction, for Oil & Gas exploration drilling, service rigs, and related service equipment. Anywhere high flow or high-capacity filters are required we have you covered with the following products:

    • 12CS/50CS Series
    • IL8 Series
    • CN Series
    • MPD/MPDH Series

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  • Portable Filter Cart


    We offer an extensive catalog of portable filtering and fluid analysis products including filters, samplers, particle counters, filter carts, mobile purification systems and more. We recognize that it’s not always acceptable or even possible to bring a piece of equipment into the shop for fluid analysis, Parker’s portable filter unit makes bringing fluid analysis, filtering and purification to your equipment easy by offering offline/portable solutions.

    We offer products to sample, analyze, troubleshoot and protect our client’s assets in the field, reducing downtime and saving them time and money. Our offline/portable products include:

    • Sentinel Purification System
    • 5MFP/10MFP
    • Guardian®
    • PVS Series
    • SMR
    • SOS
    • icountLCM20 Contamination Monitor
    • icountACM20Z
    • Universal Bottle Sampler
    • icountBS – Bottle Sampler
    • Single Point Sampler
    • icountOS Oil Sampler (IOS)
    • Oilcheck Monitor
    • ANALEXfdMplus
    • DIGI Field Kit
    • Low Range DIGI Water Kit
    • Heated Viscometer
    • MHC Bearing Checker

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